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Warranty Length/Type 3 Years / On site
Hardware Technical Support 3 Years


The Acxxel brand product purchased from Acxxel or an Authorized Distributor, is covered under a three (3) years Limited Warranty granted by Acxxel through its Authorized Service Centers, against any defects in manufacture, functionality, materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.


Terms and Conditions of the Acxxel Warranty

The Warranty of your Acxxel product consists of three (3) years for labor service and three (3) years for replacement or repair of parts with the original configuration of the product (Hardware), provided by the Service Center, commencing on the date of purchase. During the warranty period, Acxxel will repair or replace defective parts with original parts at no charge to the customer. All parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Acxxel.

General Information

  1. Acxxel Support and Service

Simply call the National Service Center at 1800-313-9020 and our technicians will help diagnose, and if possible, resolve the problem related to your product. When contacting Acxxel via telephone, long distance and other changes may apply, depending on your calling area and your service provider. If not resolved, a service engineer will be sent to your site for detailed inspection and problem solving.

  1. Hardware Warranty

The terms of this limited warranty are valid on customer site, at the Acxxel National Service Center or at any of the Acxxel Authorized Service Centers that Acxxel may have in the country and it extends only to Acxxel desktop products and parts.

  • Peripheral Accessories

Only peripheral accessories manufactured by Acxxel or that form a part of an Acxxel unit are covered under this Limited Warranty.

  1. Warranty for Repaired Parts

Once a replacement part has been installed in an Acxxel product, it is covered by the greater corresponding warranty, in other words, the 3 year or the remainder of the Limited Warranty period of the product.


  1. Transfer of Warranty

The Acxxel Limited Warranty is NOT transferable with the product to anyone who subsequently purchases, leases or acquires the product from the original Purchaser. The limited warranty period will begin at the time the product is purchased by the original Purchaser, without regard to any sale or transfer the product by the original Purchase to a third party at a later time. This warranty cannot be extended and cannot be re-registered at the time of sale or transfer previously referenced, in accordance with the requirements of section 1 of the Conditions section of this Certificate.


  1. To validate this warranty the customer must call our toll free number and share the details of the machine and complaint.
  2. This Limited Warranty covers the Acxxel brand product from the time of purchase and will only be valid in India only
  3. With the exception of major or unforeseen circumstances, the repair time in any event will not be more than 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint.


This warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  1. When the serial number of the product has been damaged, altered orerased.
  2. When it has not been proven that the product is within the warranty period.
  3. When the failure is due to misuse of the product
  4. When there has been a previous attempt to repair outside of the Acxxel National Service Center or any of the Acxxel Authorized Service Centers.
  5. When the product has received any accidental or intentional physical damage or has been exposed to harmful elements such as water, acid, fire, weather, fluctuations in voltage or any other similar or analogous damage.
  6. When the damage is caused by the combination of Acxxel branded products with other non-Acxxel branded products, accessories orparts.
  7. Any equipment, parts or software that were not includeding our product as originally sold to you.Inthese cases, any applicable warranty is provided by the original manufacturer.
  8. When the product has been altered.
  9. Failures due to reconfiguration of software and other applications not included in the original product. Under no circumstance is Acxxel or any Acxxel Authorized Service Center responsible for any loss of information or data of the end user due to hardware or software issues.
  10. When the product was purchased from an unauthorized Distributor or Reseller.